Concordia has a large variety of places.


The Great Central ContinentEdit

At 65,000,000 square kilometers, the Central Continent is by far the largest landmass on the planet, even larger the Earth's Eurasia. Humanity first evolved on Concordia in it's western grasslands. It is home to the towering World Mountains.

The Eastern ContinentsEdit

The South-Eastern and North-Eastern Continents 8.03 and 11.42 million square killometers respectively. Both of them are dominated by deserts, but rainforests and grasslands exist in each as well. Like our Australia, the Eastern continents are populated by marsupial mammals, rather than placental ones.

The Western ContinentEdit

The Western Continent is far from both the central and eastern continents, and lies entirely in the tropical region. It is dominated by a single large river system and by tropical rainforests, although deserts exist on the far fringes. The Western Continent is 10.53 million square kilometers. Isolated from the other continents for hundreds of millions of years, the western continent lacks birds and mammals, but has an abundance of animal and plant taxons that went extinct elsewhere.